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Some People Aren't Who They Say They Are... Get Rid Of The Yinland Viruses, Not Bugs, But Viruses: For Yin Or Jin Or Some Other Person That Can Fix Problems...

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Does This Server Seem To Have Too Many People That Are "Ranked"

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Some People Aren't Who They Say They Are... Get Rid Of The Yinland Viruses, Not Bugs, But Viruses: For Yin Or Jin Or Some Other Person That Can Fix Problems...

Post  pizzayumy on Sun Jul 08, 2012 12:22 pm

Ok, whoever is reading this, read this carefully. This is meant for yin or jin, not some abusing losers (*ahem* XxHellzxX, DJJIGGLER, and Iicoulurz [nicknamed jake].
This is my last time playing on this server, sooooooooo I want to tell all that I have experienced. At the beginning, the server was good, not under anything, just a regular player. After a week of calm playing, I took a break from yinland for a month, then came back because jellotop88 told me to... Anyways, I had noticed that the server had the SuperNatural Plugin and yinland became my favorite server, for a week. That's when I noticed the high amount of ranked people. Most servers use donations to decide ranking. This server required an application. By reading an application, u cant trust everything u see, cause to me, the fakest and the worst seemed to be taken. Either they bribed you or you just didnt see that coming. There are 2 reasons that donation ranking is better then what this server has. 1, it is rare for a person under 18 to donate (since you need a credit card), and 2, in theory, u can get more money. I know that u do have a donater part, but what I dont get is that people can be a helper or mod for free, or pay for a LOWER rank. All Im saying is, make the ranks full-scale dontaions. These 5 year olds dont know what they're doing. For example...

Lets start Shall We?
A living hell, total abuse and immaturity. U call him a helper, i call him the devil. He may lead HeA (faction), but he doesnt deserve anything: XxHellxX
Hell's older brother, trying to get him out of the situations he puts himself into, abused the mute command: DJJIGGLER
Entertainer? More like Criminal. He greifed and followed Hell: Iicoulourz or something (Jake)
- tp's, not tpa but tp's to a person and hurts/kill them, then gives a lame excuse like
- "I was striking myself"
- "I wasn't here for you, but you were in my way"
- "You cant do anything about it, Yin knows me better then you and I'm gonna buy give him a gift code so Shut Up.
-"I can't set warps, I did not set the warps in your base"

- Gamemode Fights
- In battle: Me (In head): he got stuck? I might be able to kill him, ooooo, I destroyed his helmet, oh, wait, why is he no longer taking damage... Is he flying to me? He switched to creative, at least he can't hit me then. wtf, he switched back. Me (Out Loud): WTF, U CANT SWITCH GAMEMODE IN PVP!!!! Hell: it doesnt matter
Now I'm dead, lost some of my stuff, and he get of free

- When he was killed once by blueman who accidentaly used a god pick for the first time on hell (because he's stupid and doesn't know what God stuff is). Hell begins raging and striking, demanding for the pick, and all of his stuff back. Sure... he can have his stuff back, if he gives the stuff he "gamemode fought" for.

- Random Criminal and muting
- When I told him I videoed his striking spree, he went balistic and criminalized me.

- As u can tell, hell hates blueman2002 and me, so if we say anything he doesn't enjoy, he usually mutes bluman.

- When blueman2002 went into the nether and told his friend to tp to him, hell and icloud or icoulorz (nicknamed Jake) they came through a portal and killed him. When blueman lost his stuff, he finally lost it on hell and used the god pick (I know, I know, banned, but he's banned, Criminal, Muted, etc. Anyways). When Hell says to give the pick, blueman refuses and him and "Jake" start greifing the base and stealing from the chests. Blueman skyped to me saying that CaptainLeon (moderator) tped to hell and Jake to unlock the chests.

That was Long (Third Report On Hell)
Other reports on yin's facebook
Everyone who is underage abuses except Owner/Co-Owner, jellotop88, jetsviewfromcod, and the others I've never seen: FlyingGVirus, SuperBr0, dubaicheese.

If You Need Proof, Then No Offense, But Your Stupid
I Have Videos and Screenshots While Yin Has The Logs
If You Need Proof From Me To Verify This (Which Again, You Shouldn't Need Since It's Common Sense [LongReport + Muliple Reports + Age + UniqueServer = AbusivePeople])
Then Too Bad, I'm Already Done With This B.S. (Or Add Me On Skype: yuyoungster)

I could really care less since this is my last time, but I just left this "feedback/report"
To Try To Help Fix The Wrongs Of The Server. If You Don't Fix These "Viruses" In The Server, You Won't Have That Many Players... My Friends Realized That Before Me.
Hope The Server Stays Good

P.S: Check Chuck_Norris's Stuff, He Has A Bunch Of Diamonds And Stuff From Our Base.



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