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Pizzayumy Ban Appeal?

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Pizzayumy Ban Appeal?

Post  pizzayumy on Sun Sep 02, 2012 1:50 am

Name: pizzayumy
Why were you banned/demoted? I Don't Know
Why should we unban/promote you?: Seriously? I don't know how or why I was banned, and I showed the people unfit for certain positions. In fact, why am I not a helper? (jk)
But wtf, who banned me, someone greified my base before I was banned, and they even took my chests so it was a moderator or something. I'm pretty sure it was Hell-01 or DJ Jiggler since they were the targets I wanted banned. But whatever, the only reason I am coming back to this server is because I;m bored of the others, and I also want my MCMMO skill high on this one. :p


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