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Helper application

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Helper application

Post  zeiangel on Sun Sep 02, 2012 2:09 am

Minecraft Name:zaiangel
Why I want this rank: I want to become a helper because i want to help people out. It feels good when helping someone. I'm not really noticed and all but if i become a helper then they'll ask me for help instead of finding someone else.
Previous experience: I was a head admin on a private server only cause blueman2002 my brother took co-owner and pizza. But people still loved it.
What can you bring: I want to bring help to others because sometimes they get raided. i want to help repair and stuff like that.
How long have you been on this server:about 3 months
Every day, how long are you on average: 2 hours
How much time can you commit every day:1 and a half Very Happy

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Hire me!!!!

Post  ShipwreckV on Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:21 am

ShipwreckV at your service Smile
Age: ill tell ya in kinda old lol, but hey older means more mature Smile
I want to become helper because lets face it, ive only been on your server for roughly a week but i have been on all day mostly. Ive seen countless infractions to the terms and rules that you have established. From griefers to spammers to spawn killer...etc the list goes on. Ive noticed that often there are large gaps in you staff presence (not their fault) just not everyone can put as much time as i have in. I'd also love to set you guys up a ventrillo server for ease of communications between staff, i think it would greatly facilitate problem solving.

How long am i on this server? honestly too much but hey i want to see this server grow, i think it has awesome potential to expand with the right people under you.
Right now im on holidays for another 9 days so i can be on pretty much alll day thanks to caffeine lol. After holidays i can probably give you a good solid 3 hours and maybe another hour of random pop in checks.
Hope to hear from you soon, your biggest fan, ShipwreckV


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