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Superlier / griefer / annoying idiot

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Superlier / griefer / annoying idiot

Post  CakesandPies on Sat Nov 03, 2012 8:38 pm

His name is minecraftkid123. So incase you need the backround story: heres how it went down.
As you know, my name Is Cakess. And it used to be Cakes. Why? Here:
SO Yinland was kinda fucked up with spawn messed 'n' all. You remember? BlackCPPS was ordered to fix this massive grief. And yea. So I found out I had gm...? ye I only used it to spawn cookies and bread. And the server was in disaster state. Nothing too bad, right? So ye just to be honest I told people I had gm 'n' all. Then, you know jr2010? The guys who's banned now? Yea. He wanted gm. I told him giving gm to others doesnt work. So he thought i was lying and said I had hacks!... So he said I should give him my account. I didn't agree at first, cause I wouldn't want to lose my faction and base and all. So he threatened to hack and ban me or something..... And I gave in by giving the password. Don't call me an idiot, this guys has hacked before anyway..... If you do, I will blackmail you Twisted Evil So, he started griefing and everyone thought it was me. I had to explain. I heard he griefed the AmazingII faction base when it was protected using blazes!
And he spawned ghasts near another one. Seriously. The mods told me. So yea, he kept saying I was him and all. He even changed the pw! So he now has an account names "minecraftkid123".
Now - Today, I know factions are down and greifing is excepted (Cause people are dicks and cant read) But he griefed my safe tower in order to kill me. And he's got god armor (PLEASE ban god armor and god swords, they are being used against me like HELL) and all. So yeah, Please IP ban him, he's annoying and lies about using my account and griefing too.
Name: Cakess
Offender's Name: jr2010/minecraftkid123
What did he/she do: Manipulate my account and lie about it, grief heavily (including AmazingII base and use hacks for diamonds.)
Screenshot, or video: Do you think i took a screenshot while being killed?
(Optional) When did it happen:
(Optional) What do you want us to do: Ip-Ban him Exclamation


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