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Post  LunarCookiez on Tue Dec 04, 2012 11:18 pm

Minecraft Name:LunarCookiez Twisted Evil
Why I want this rank: I want to become a helper because I think iI can be very helpful with new players on YinLand and I can help if there is any griefing, I can also solve problems between players with my.. Justice tongue
Previous experience: I have been an moderator/admin on many servers and I have experience with: WorldEdit (Not useful of a helper, huh?) I also know ALOT of ./ commands :3
What can you bring: I want to bring.. huh.. Happiness.. Good atmosphere on the server ( a friendly atmosphere) Happy noobi- *cough* New players AND ALSO .. PIE

How long have you been on this server: About 1 week and a half.. (REALLY?!)
Every day, how long are you on average: 3hrs (or more, depending on the day) Embarassed
How much time can you commit every day:1 and a half

Thank you for taking your precious little time for reading that sentence.

-LunarCookiez (Luna) tongue Razz tongue


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