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CyberZero Jailed Forever , Just Like I AM Now C:

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CyberZero Jailed Forever , Just Like I AM Now C:

Post  MrTroll on Fri Jan 04, 2013 12:20 am

Ill GO Straight To The Subject
I Got Banned For Having 2 Pickaxes With
Efficiency 4
Fortune 2
unbreaking 3
Those Are Regular Level 30 Enchants
I Want That Freaking Guy Jailed !!!!
I Lose My TIme Right now , Time WHich I Could Really Use On Something Usefull On THe Server
Perhaps I Want The Mod Who Helped Him Unmodded For Not Knowing Anything About Minecraft C:
You Cant Place Any Noob As A Mod Yin , Please Ask Questions Before You Do That
A Suggestion From A Guy Who Knows A Few About Servers And Minecraft
By The Way , I Liked You On Facebook , And I Didn't Find Your Youtube Account
So Post It In The Comments C:


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